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What is Clinical Shiatsu therapy?

Firstly your practitioner ushers you into a spacious treatment room with polished floor boards, cream walls and a traditional shiatsu futon.

You lie under a large cotton sheet and cotton blankets and the futon is heated during winter. Your back may be uncovered for different aspects of treatment.

A small table sits on the side of the futon with the practitioners tools to assist in giving the most appropriate correction to the person receiving the treatment.

Depending on the practitioner these tools may include cupping, oils, accu-needling and moxibustio (heat therapy) or the manaka hammer.

The practitioner kneels beside you and focuses of all his/her combined skills to improve your situation whatever that may be.

Most treatments consist of palming and thumb pressure techniques. There are elements of "deep tissue" type work integrated with release and holding points under steady pressure.

Treatments are totally adapted to the receiver. They concentrate on "building the persons energy" to restore deeper strength and vitality.

Treatments are priced at $95 inc GST for 60 minutes.