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Our focus is to give treatments of the utmost attentiveness, clarity and commitment.

Clinic history

Since 1994, situated above the bohemian culture of Brunswick Street, was a belief in having authentic rapport and a professional discipline in regard to providing what was needed. Practitioners took great pride in their role as mentors and therapists, giving advice, treatment and referrals as deemed necessary. Actors, musicians, politicians and professionals would all frequent the clinic looking for some balance and grounding. A reputation developed by word of mouth. No signage, cards or advertising were present in those days but clients would wait patiently on the stairs for their treatment.

Quality treatment depends on the ability of the practitioner to adapt to the needs of the client. Looking always to assist in improving their client’s life in an open, humble way.

Nick Russell

Nick has been practicing traditional shiatsu since 1996. Integrating shiatsu, Japanese meridian therapy, moxibustion, cupping and spooning (Qua Sha), in a comprehensive one hour treatment.

He provides health advice and recommends appropriate herbal formulas, teas and supplements.

In over 12 years of practice he has completed over 15,000 treatments

Working simultaneously with injuries and correcting the structure of the body.

Provision of treatment for anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, fertility, pregnancy, digestion and work-life balance.

Practices that underpin his work are: